Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou) „MAN, THE TARGET OF GOD”

Table of Contents


The God of Our Fathers

1. „I Am that I Am: Revelation of the Person of Christ in the Life of

Elder Sophrony

2. Personhood: the Fruit of the Vision of the Uncreated Light

3. The Portrait of Personhood in Saint Silouan

Christ, the Father of the World to Come

4. Theology as a Spiritual State of the Person

5. The Hypostatic Principle, a Unique Gift of the Triune God

6. The Hypostatic Mode of Being in the Life and Ministry of Elder Sophrony

Thou Hast Made Known to me the Ways of Life

7. The Path of the Human Persona

8. Obedience as a Means to Attain to Personhood

9. The Divine Name and Hypostatic Prayer

  1. Tears: the Healing of the Person

Epilogue On Personhood

Index of Biblical References

„According to the working of His unfathomable will, God created man and set him before Him as His target, the target of His lowing-kindness, so that He might care for him night and day through His grace. What honor is greater than that given to man – for the Creator of the world to become his servant, the minister of his salvation?” p. 20-21 Archimandrite Zacharias


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